Quality meets Sustainability: Partners for the future

Sunday 24 • 10 • 2021

Programme overview

The following topics will be discussed during this introductory session (and will be elaborated in more detail during the deep dive & plenary sessions on 25 & 26 October):

  • The hospital of the future and breakthrough technology, enabling quality excellence and fully integrated care - Dr. Kristiaan Deckers, Chief Medical Officer at GZA Hospitals (Belgium)
  • The working environment in healthcare and the impact of on staff wellbeing: strategies to adapt the practice setting - Mrs. Liesbet Lombaerts, Director Care and Strategy at GZA Hospitals (Belgium) and Mr. Wim Van De Waeter, Chief Nursing Executive at ZNA Hospitals, (Belgium)
  • AI’s foreseeable impact on radiologists’ work and how this affects sustainability - Dr. Filip Deckers, Head of Radiology and Medical at GZA Hospitals (Belgium)
  • Strategic design and planning of future hospitals - Dr. Marc Geboers, Director General Hospitals at Zorgnet Icuro (Belgium)
  • Managing the hospital of the future - Dr. Kristiaan Deckers, Chief Medical Officer at GZA Hospitals (Belgium)
  • Innovation for future care - Mr. Jan Witters, Director Process, Quality and Innovation at GZA Hospitals (Belgium)

Participating doctors & pharmacists can fill in the necessary information for accreditation when registering.

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