Quality meets Sustainability: Partners for the future

Tuesday 26 • 10 • 2021

Programme overview

The organisation of healthcare is going through a period of rapid change, fuelled by several drivers and breakthrough innovations. Of these, the transition to more integrated care is undoubtedly one that will have a profound impact on how we organise our hospitals in the future. Managing the quality of these integrated care processes will pose several challenges, given the fact that they will span several levels of care, and that they will require multidisciplinary cooperation and smart investments in new technology.

The implementation of the UN’s SDGs and the sustainability of high quality of care should be considered in several decisions that have to be made when building and organising the hospital of the future, as will be discussed in a number of sessions:

Strategic design and planning of future hospitals

Hospitals and other care providers will simultaneously evolve into high-tech integration hubs and guest houses. How will future designs anticipate new expectations from patients, their kin, and their caregivers’? It’s not only about bricks & mortar, care processes and data requirements are changing significantly. Will the next generation of hospital control centres be sustainable enough to deal with this radical shift?

  • Hospitals without walls! A bright digital future for health care - Mr. Mike Jones, Vice President Gartner for Healthcare and Life Sciences (Ireland)
  • Next-generation of analytics within the (virtual) hospital of the future - Dr. Peter Bak, Chief Information Officer at Humber River Hospital (Canada)
  • Design of future hospitals beyond bricks & mortar - Mr. Henk Vincent, Director Masterplan construction site AZ Nikolaas (Belgium) - Mrs. Maitbrinn Damman, Architect Healthcare C.J. Moller Norway - Mrs. Els Kuypers, Architect osararchitects AZ Jessa Hasselt (Belgium)

Managing the hospital of the future

Business models of hospitals need to be dynamic and flexible in today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world. Are we ready to rethink our traditional management processes? Disease-specific case management will become a key requirement. How can we match the complexity of integrated care with financial sustainability? Last but not least, how can we facilitate the scale-up of innovations to provide an attractive, innovative, and rewarding work environment for our caregivers?

  • Organising care in response to calamities - Dr. Pablo De Almeida Quesado, Chief Medical Officer National Institute of Infectology Evandro Chagas - Fiocruz (Brazil)
  • Sustainability of future quality management systems - Dr. Peter Lachman, International Lead Faculty, Leadership Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, RCPI - Chairperson Paediatric International Patient Safety and Quality Community, PIPSQC - Former ISQua CEO (Ireland)
  • Connecting hospitals and primary care: improving care, improving value - Dr. Anne Wojtak, Lead, East Toronto Health Partners (Canada)
  • Ready to take "care" ... of the future? - Dr. Ilke Montag, Chief Medical Officer at Jan Yperman Hospital (Belgium)

Innovation for future care

State-of-the-art technology across sectors today can enable breakthrough innovations within healthcare. How can we overcome potential roadblocks to address technical or scientific gaps in our current way of working? Inspired by state-of-the-art technology, we will showcase future-proof solutions that are available today to innovate both clinical and supporting processes in healthcare.

  • Challenges and the future of diagnostic medicine in Brazil - Dr. Conrado Cavalcanti, Director of Diagnostic Medicine and Outpatients UHG (Brazil)
  • Innovation Ecosystem and Strategies of Digital Health of the University of São Paulo Clinical Hospital - Mr. Marco Bego, Chief Innovation Officer at InovaHC (Brazil)
  • Cocreating a new reality of learning and development within healthcare - Mr. Evarest Schoofs, Chief Executive Officer at OneBonsai (Belgium)
  • Sustainable and integrated medical ecosystems powered by unmanned aviation - Mr. Mikael Shamim, Chief Executive Officer at Helicus (Belgium)
  • Accelerating innovation in times of business and technology disruption - Mr. Mike Jones, Vice President Gartner for Healthcare and Life Sciences (Ireland)

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